Compliance Tools

Our compliance tools save CWC members both time and money. Developed over more than 40 years of supporting the nation’s leading employers on workplace compliance and diversity, these tools include hundreds of sample policies, procedures, checklists, templates, online datasets, and other resources to help our members stay current on emerging best-in-class compliance and diversity practices.


Data Center

CWC’s Data Center provides members with instant access to helpful statistics and research, including:

  • Race, ethnicity, and gender data on college and university graduates
  • An interactive map identifying major state and local workplace compliance requirements
  • Member polling on real-world compliance, diversity, and risk management issues

Checklists, Templates, and Guides

CWC’s checklists, templates, and guides cover a broad range of workplace compliance and diversity issues, from AAP narrative templates to worker classification checklists. They’ve been developed through our work helping thousands of leading employers over more than 40 years, and help our members save time and money by not having to “reinvent the wheel” researching and developing best-in-class practices.



CWC’s software tools help members analyze compensation for pay equity and discrimination risks, track and analyze data on job applicants, and develop accurate and reliable benchmarks for their affirmative action and diversity metrics programs.


State Standards

Our State Standards tool provides an interactive, easy-to-use map to help CWC members stay on top of major changes to state and even local labor and employment requirements.


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