Membership Benefits

CWC’s member employers have access to a comprehensive suite of resources to help them manage workplace compliance and risk, including:

Benefits and Services

CWC members have access to a comprehensive suite of resources to help them manage workplace compliance and risk, including:


Practical Tools and Templates

... to streamline and simplify workplace compliance tasks.


Accurate Information and Analysis stay on top of changing requirements and risks.


Proprietary Best Practices and Benchmarks learn from proven strategies and tactics.


National Network of Peers

... to connect with fellow HR leaders, in-house employment counsel, compliance professionals, and diversity practitioners.


Comprehensive Training and Education Programs become and remain aware of the most important legal and compliance ground rules affecting the workplace.


Ready Access to Subject Matter Experts talk through situations involving regulation, policy, enforcement, risk management, D&I, best practices, or anything else related to workplace compliance and risk management.


Member Assist

Through our MemberAssist service, members have access to CWC’s team of subject matter experts to talk through situations involving regulation, policy, enforcement, risk management, diversity and inclusion, best practices, or anything else related to compliance, diversity, and risk management.


Or call us: (202) 629-5650

Weekly Memos

CWC’s weekly memos – our signature member benefit – analyze and explain the latest regulatory, legislative, judicial, and policy developments affecting employer compliance, diversity, and risk management programs. Written in plain English and always with a practical perspective in mind, our memos help members filter out the noise and focus on what’s most important, zeroing in on what needs to be done and when to effectively manage compliance and risk.

Tools and Templates

Having served thousands of members over the course of more than 40 years, CWC has curated hundreds of policies, procedures, checklists, forms, and tools to help our members implement effective workplace compliance and diversity programs. Accessible through a dedicated section of our website or via our secure online member community, these tools and templates save our members valuable time and resources, and help them stay on top of emerging and best-in-class practices.


CWC serves members in the public policy arena by filing friend of-the-court briefs in important employment-related cases and by submitting written comments on major federal regulatory proposals. Our briefs and comments have established CWC as a highly credible advocate for sensible workplace regulation. CWC members also benefit from the access our staff have to federal policymakers, regulators, and other government officials who have a hand in workplace regulation and enforcement.

CWC’s Data Center

CWC members have online access to an expanding array of compliance and diversity benchmark data, including:

Workforce Demographics – chart and graph demographic diversity data from the U.S. Census Bureau, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and the U.S. Departments of Labor and Defense.

Educational Attainment Demographics – research and analyze college and university graduate diversity data collected each year by the U.S. Department of Education, including detailed statistics on the race, ethnicity, and gender demographics of the nation’s graduates by degree, award level, and even specific educational institution. Need help finding specific schools graduating certain demographic groups with specific degrees? Our Graduate Diversity Finder tool can help.

State Standards– use our interactive map to identify the latest state-specific workplace requirements, including paid leave, minimum wage, pay equity, overtime, and credit and salary history bans.

Enforcement Agency Performance – access data on the enforcement, charge, audit, and resolution activities of workplace regulators including the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and the U.S. Department of Labor.


CWC’s suite of software products are available exclusively to members, including programs for analyzing compensation, tracking and managing applicant data, and performing statistical disparity analyses of employment selections data.


Benchmark and share ideas with fellow CWC member employers anytime through Connect, our members-only online collaboration center. Set your preferences on the topics you’d like to stay on top of, and how often you’d like to get notified of new posts, and the Connect platform and your fellow CWC members will take care of the rest.

Call or Email Us for Help Anytime

Through our MemberAssist service, CWC members can call upon our experienced team of attorneys and subject matter experts for help on wage and hour, fair employment, contract compliance, immigration, state standards, labor relations, and diversity matters, all at no additional cost.

Please note that CWC does not provide legal advice.  For advice regarding legal issues, members should consult legal counsel. 


For information on CWC membership, call 202.629.5633 or email