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Leave Domestic Violence and Crime Victims

Victims of domestic violence or other crimes face a multitude of challenges as a result of their experience, including needing to take time away from work to attend to court proceedings, to relocate their residence, or to attend to health care needs. As such, many states have enacted provisions that require an employer to grant an employee who is a victim of domestic violence or other crime time away from work to focus on bettering their situation. These laws vary widely in the amount of leave, whether it is paid or unpaid, and whether and what documentation an employer may ask from an employee for verification. In CWC’s State Leave Laws for Domestic Violence and Crime Victims tool, members can find which states mandate leave for this purpose as well as how they may intersect with other leave laws such as the federal FMLA.

Leave Domestic Violence and Crime Victims

Helps members locate which states require leave specifically for victims of domestic violence or other crimes.

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